Friday, 22 August 2014

For laughs,This Friday!

Its another Friday end of the week time to lay back and relax..and have a good laugh..

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Fabulous at 40;Tyra Banks flaunts Midriff in new photos..


Tyra was photographed at a recent event ,the Years have definitely pilled on but at 40! Tyra's still got it!

Photos;Toke Makinwa's best Look yet??

Errrrrr gently take away that red necklace err yes with your imagination.... perfect now ehh..thought so too!

Perfection or what?? Check out more Bikini shots of Kim Kardashian..

If you've got it flaunt it! and Kim knows she's got it and flaunts it everyyyyyyyyyyyyytimmmmmmeeeeeee! lol.. these shot were taken on her recent trip to Mexico..

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

So Stella Damasus Does her own #alsicebucketchallenge in her Bath?!


Chai! Naija Celebs dont just jump on the Bandwagon the rules say OUTDOORS thats what everyone's been doing has Stella seen any Celeb do their's in their Bathrooms? Cmon!

British-Nigerian Baby stuns UK doctors By holding and feeding from bottle herself at 3 days old!


Onyi Chiedozie couldn't believe it when her daughter grabbed the bottle during a feed 

Amara Chiedozie stunned doctors in the UK with her ability to hold her own feeding bottle.

Two-week-old Ammra was able to grasp her bottle alone just three days after she was born at Queen's Hospital, Romford in Essex, her mother Onyi Chiedozie said

She first did it at three days old and now  at three weeks old  regularly holds her bottle and pushes it aside when she is full up.

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For the Ladies! Three shades of Psquare's Peter Okoye!

Somebody just loves to flaunt their abs sha.. chai Diaris GOD ohhh! lol..
Errrr so what pose is your pick?? Black? red? or blue? 

Check out Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri's new photos

Ruth Kadiri's New Photos

Ruth Kadiri's New Photos

The Actress just recently shared some new photos..

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Photospeak; New Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu flooded

Enugu Airport

I hear its a newly constructed airport and yes it got flooded I mean Imagine getting off the plane and you are met with a river instead of a tarmac?? #nawa

Photo Credit:

Photos;President Goodluck Jonathan receives 2014 National Conference report from Justice Kutigi..

President Jonathan pictured receiving the Report of the 2014 National Conference from Justice Idris Kutigi today in Abuja

Us Doctor Kent Brantly who contracted Ebola in Liberia has been discharged from Hospital -"GOD saved My life"

Dr Kent Brantly who contracted Ebola in Liberia while working for a charity has been released from Hospital after receiving the all clear.#

Kent and Colleague Nancy Whitebol were both treated with the Experimental drug Zmapp and the both survived..

Speaking at a press conference at the Emory University Hospital Kent reportedly gave thanks to GOD for saving his life.

His Colleague Nancy has also since been discharged and is having some private time with Family to fully recover physically and psychologically 

RealBabymouth writes;" UNIVERSITY SAGA SUGU.

Displaying images(26).jpg

Below is a piece written by Comedian,actor and PR person Babymouth..


~Note!! This is a fiction! Not Real~

"I gave my life to Christ officially at the age of 16 (5th of Feb, 20000000) after I finished my secondary school. People thought I did that because I wanted to have a good result, but trust me, I really didn't  know why I gave my life to Christ, but I was happy I did, sha. (Chai, pastors’ work no be beans, oo). Even my family members were surprised about my sudden change from being the GOOD one to VERY GOOD one or from anything, jere. 

Some months after I gave my life to Christ, my result came out and I had 7 c's, 3 b's and 2 d's .... JESUS!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes because I thought giving my life to Christ would give me a very very very good result but wasn't surprised because I know I be OLODO. I was asked to choose the university I would attend (Choi! The decision wasn't easy because going to a federal University would make me backslide

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Nick Canon and Mariah Carey- going going going...

Its been learnt that these two who defied the age differnece and societal talk to stay together are set to get divorced..

See TMZ report below..

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon separated back in May  and are living apart ... and we're told divorce lawyers have been negotiating a property settlement and custody agreement for months and the divorce is "a done deal."

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Mariah and Nick have been living in separate houses in NYC since May.  He sees the kids but that's the extent of their contact.

Our sources say  ... Nick's appearance on Big Boy's radio show in March was the beginning of the end. Nick played Big Boy's game name the 5 celebs you've slept with.  Nick named 5, but our sources say the one that made Mariah insane was Kim Kardashian.  

We're told Mariah tore into Nick for weeks ... feeling humiliated and the relationship never recovered.

We're told it went from bad to worse when Nick went on Howard Stern and talked about Mariah not giving it up before they got hitched.  She went nuclear.

Photos;Toolz goes Ziplining in Mexico!

"If this rope snaps, how will I survive a 4,000 foot fall?' is what I was thinking here. Would my extra cushioning help to break my fall? I didn't fall, but injured my arm a lil. #ConquerYourFears #MexicoAdventures #ZipLining

Do one thing everyday that scares you! This is the scariest thing I've done in my whole life. At this stage I was actually thinking 'Who sent me to do this ooo'. #ConquerYourFears #MexicoAdventures #ZipLining #MyMumWouldBeatMeForDoingThis"

The Media Personality has been in Mexico for a bit and she got adventurous and went Ziplining hurt her arm a little in the process..

Hmm..adventures are good I see someone ticking off their bucket list.. 

Banke Meshida Lawal (BMPro) is beauty of the day +Happy Birthday!

Often times we only acknowledge the message and ignore the messenger..
Banke and her outfit have been responsible for many of the gorgeous faces we see,celebrity weddings,countless shoots and campaigns ..

Banke has got the Midas touch that shows off her work without even mentioning her name you see it you know its her!

We have all kinda forgotten that this very hardworking makeup boss is also very pretty!

We are appreciating the very beautiful Banke Meshida Lawal today and wishing her a happy Birthday as she turns a year older..She is our beauty of the day!

Patrick Sawyer's Widow apologises to Nigerians -"Please Curse Patrick and not the Sawyer Name because of my innocent daughters"

Patrick Sawyer's wife and her three children

Patrick Sawyer is an American-Liberian who brought the Ebola Virus Into Nigeria which has resulted in the death of 4 Nigerians already!

His Widow Decontee Sawyer wrote a piece which angered alot of Nigerians where she tried o defend  him and stop people from referring to him as a medical terrorist 

A blogger Peace Ben Williams wrote her an open letter which she replied has now apologised stating she was actually about getting divorced from Patrick who already had a steady mistress he was dating..

Patrick and I have been separated (not yet divorced) for the past one year and seven months. He left me when I was seven months pregnant with our third child. We already had a 3-year-old, and a 4-year-old together, with a third on the way. 
He left us all and started a new family in Liberia. I was left by myself to now raise three children alone, one of which (my 3-year-old at the time) was diagnosed with autism. That in itself was a challenge (and still is). Patrick left us, and he never turned back. We only communicated occasionally regarding our children. 

Lets talk about Emmy Collins' style shall we??

I love people who have a good study it shows they are Intellectual and its even a neat one..
and that double breasted sure looks good on Emmy..

Singing purple rain purple rain! Oga Emmy Wetin be that thing wey I see so what are you showing ekwa! even that zip dey cry!

Hmm Aba boy in London

So we all know Emmy right??.. No! you dont??!! Emmy is the designer who took it as a point of duty to critique celebrities and their outfits at events and generally make the Nigerian fashion industry better through critique of course..

He recently said some celebs even see him and duck so they can escape the almighty Emmy "Fashion slaughterhouse" 

So today we are looking at some of Emmy's looks courtesy his IG Images.. He critiques everyone shey?? its ur turn today Emmy!

Tuck in!

Laura Ikeji also Partakes in the #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE Nominates Linda Ikeji,Denrele Edun & Goodluck Jonathan

Huh?? Goodluck Jonathan Bawo.. and Btw I thought #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE was for celebrities and for them to actually raise money for a cause??

So why are peeps in Naija just doing it for fun..

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sisters shine together! ;Kendall and Kylie Jenner go Au Naturele in new Campaign for Dujour

Fresh-faced beauties: Kendall and Kylie Jenner experiment with a much more natural, stripped-back look in the gorgeous country-themed shoot by famed photographer Bruce Weber in DuJour magazine's fall issue

Stunning siblings: The sisters mix plaid shirts and jeans with high-end items such as Kendall's soft pink and white Chanel jacket in the shoot, which was shot recently in the Hamptons

The Girls look so young and Naturally stripped back with less makeup and then..

Bam!! This very Cringey shot

Steamy! The 18-year-old positively sizzles in this sexy set-up, in which she leans up against a shed door, one hand on her exposed thigh, the other lifting at the other side of her long skirt, her eyes closed and lips slightly parted as hunky male model Mark Fisher gently kisses her neck
This just seems so wrong isnt Kendall 16 or so??

'Hey Kylie that's a mean right hand baby girl': Handsome Kenneth Guidroz reposted this snap of his NFL-themed shoot with the 17-year-old, in which the teen poses with one foot resting on a helmet as one hand clutches a ball and the other lands a punch on his cheek

I deffo prefer the Stripped back innocent shots of them not these ones with  "Grown up" Men!

Omotola Jalade Ekehinde celebrates son's 16th birthday in SouthAfrica

The Actress and her Family have been on Vacation in South Africa and they came together to celebrate the youngest producer in Africa Captain E @16

"Man of the moment. Small boy feeling funky ������ #16 #stillmybaby #goingtocampuswithhim #girlsstayclear ���� #inulomonpesi"

The Actress shared..

More photos when you continue..

Photos Rukky Sanda shows off flawless skin..

Waohhh Beautiful skin! so pure..More when you continue..

Wisdom Ubiebifayen aka Amaikah De Song Goddess releases new promo photos set to drop new single "IKUD"

Wisdom Ubiebifayen aka Amaikah De Song Goddess is a Nigerian recording artiste and fashion buff..

She is  gearing up to release a new single titled "ikud"  a love song with a blend of Efik/Ibibio and English. 

She has just released these very gorgeously dramatic promo photos..

More photos when you continue..

Omoni Oboli Defends her choice of outfit to the state house screening of her Movie "BEINGMRSELLIOT"

We hear!

For a true Hero Dr Ameyo Adadevoh

Dr Stella Adadevoh was a patriotic citizen who was on a life saving mission everyday of her life! Tht was her Job! to save lives first and ask questions later..

Duty called on that Fateful day a Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer was brought in to First Consultants Medical centre and as usual Stella Ameyo made sure the Patient was comfortable and got the best care even when the same Sawyer turned around to throw all their care back in their faces .

He denied having contact with any Ebola patients even when he knew his sister had died of it,Urinated and spewed blood all over the medical staff caring for him..

Even when Patrick was confirmed to have had Ebola, DR Ameyo stood her ground and ensured the Nigerian Government was alerted and never bowed to pressure from the Liberian Ambassador to release Sawyer...

By this little act of professionalism and sheer patriotism DR Adadevoh saved thousands of lives,saved Nigeria from an epidemic that could have befallen an unprepared and unstable healthcare system.

She fought the disease she contracted on duty but sadly bowed to its fangs yesterday..

From several testimonials Dr Adadevoh was a committed Physician with a motherly mien and the zeal to always save lives which she continued to do till she lost her's in the process 

Does she deserve National honours?? I say YES! Her Hospital First Consultants should also be appreciated by the Federal government they saved their as*es!

So far 4 people have died from the Index case which came into Nigeria, A matron,a support nurse,A DR all of First consultants and n Ecowas protocol official who assisted Sawyer on his trip 

Below is a poem written for her by Ace Broadcaster Femi Sowoolu.


"Too far away
In another space we stay
Imagined reality
Warped realism
A dangerous game we play
Lonesome lives of self deceit
Pretend self belief
Easy to forget
From whence we came
We live the movie
...A tragi-comedy
Of sorts...

Toy soldiers
Tin men
Cartoon characters
With puny hearts
Evil minds
Soiled hands
Tainted souls
And smelly clothes...!
Our angels have fled
Or just die in our hands
Devils in their stead
...But, only the dead
Bury the dead...

She saves
But she dies
Healing hands
Heal no more
A diadem of silky soft petals 
For our heroine
Roses, and Peonies
Violets, and Tulips
Fresh fragrances for Lady Ameyo
Diva exemplar
For she glows
From enchanting lights above
From the bosom of God
A new saint, behold.

~ Femi Sowoolu.

C. fmwongi19914.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Popular Blogger Laila of Lailasblog shares Dubai Vacation photos

Laila is one of the bloggers climbing the Top Blogging Ladder in Nigeria at the Moment.

Laila is a full time banker/blogger and a mum of three all @30! #surperhuman..

She headed out to Dubai to celebrate turning 30..

More photos when you continue..