Monday, 22 December 2014

Photospeak; Most Glamourous groom ever?!

Oluwa ohhhh!! Jisox! No words..hehehehehehe..

Still very beautiful! Agbani Darego's stunning Selfie..

Thats our Queen!

Photos;And Doris Simeon will be just fine!

You know when your man is gone with another and you just hoping maybe its not true..I am sure Doris knew all that was happening but Stella till now never confirmed anything for sure..

And last week she Openly DId!! And I just felt a lil bad for Doris I mean The man don go be that..

My heart prayed for her,NO I am not saying anyone is right or wrong..But obviously someone might be hurt than the other party and  so I checked up on her...  errrr I mean where "we" you  and I go check up on celebrities?? I mean Thank GOD for Instagram hehehehe..

And from her photos she's lookimg radiant, and beautiful so Y'all dont worry..Doris will be fine..

Check out her look to Ibinabo's Wedding below..

Christiano Ronaldo's new statue totally gives erecting a statue a new meaning..

So swift footballer Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo's stature was unveiled recently spotting a happy bulge..

I mean whats that sef?? I dnt even know what to say about it,that doesnt even look like him! Baaaaaaaaaad sculptor! twishhh!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west love it up for Balmain campaign

I love Balmain pieces NO I do not own any YET! hehehe.. but their pieces are always gorgeous!..It seems Kim and Kanye are on a lovers campaign or so for the brand..

Heehehe Oga you dey think..

Photospeak;Most Unusual souvenir ever! couple share raw eggs as wedding souvenir

Hmmmm so at a wedding some people thought of souvenir ohhhhh what can we share ohhhh... Oh yes Eggs!  so 2mor after the party you just add some toast,bacon,maybe some mushrooms,baked beans and breakfast don land.. then you will rem the couple and say ha! wedding ana yen o dun gan while chowing down ur brekkie..

So what happens if a guest mistakenly breaks eggs on their clothing No dont tell me its packaged ohhh lol.. next tin na tomato una go dey share abi.. abeg make una add Efo soko and alubosa and Iru

Photo credit:
Gbenga Adeyinka*

Lekki Wives' stars Katherine Obiang and Kiki omeili rock out in white..

Katherine is just really glowing.. Kiki too..Happy Happy happy..

Check out Halima Abubakar's Outfit to Iyabo Ojo's Movie premiere..

Iyabo Ojo premiered her movie yesterday which also her birthday as well..and this was what good friend Halima wore to support her friend..

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Kourtney Kardashian shares first photo of new son Reign Aston Disick

Kourtney welcomed her 3rd child a son a few weeks ago and she's just revealed his names..

"Madly in love with my little Reign Aston Disick" she shared..

She's the second celebrity to name their child "Reign" Lil Kim also named her daughter "Reign" some months ago..

Elton John weds David Furnish;All the photos This way!

Elton John and David furnish have been together as civil partners for 9 years and its their Anniversary today and they also decided to get married officially today..

More photos when you continue..

Oluchi Orlandi's body is simply magic!

How  possible is that even?! after two kids?! Yikes!

Tonto Dikeh is sending seasons greetings your way!;Check out her Christmas card..

Her message to fans below..

It's been so great knowing n Loving ya'll..
Being a Loner I have found great friendship n followers via this media..
I praise God for all his Glory n Grace that shall catapult us into a glorious 2015.
I Wish you and yours the best Heaven as to Offer*

Fire Averted!;Iroko TV boss Tweets; "My office tried to burn down today"


Wooo you people all your Iroko subscriptions for just waka! lol.. But thank GOD the fire in Jason's office which he said was caused by a faulty AC was put under control..

This Time of the year is just  so so..Quilox  club also had a fire accident yesterday thankfully that was also put out..

Lets all stay safe this season!

BBA's Tayo Faniran lookimng dapper at welcome party in Lagos..

The reality TV star rocked a lovely black blazer on grey pants as he was welcomed by fan after his stint on the show Many still think he should have won..

Lady shares Intimate details of excapades with Wizkid -"Tania Omotayo how do i taste on his lips"

Wizkid has two women in his life..well sorta His baby mama Tayo  and main chic Tania..I say main chic because Wizkid to be candid seems to still have so many groupies on the side  Wizkid even said in a recent interview when he was asked about his relationship status that he was simply mingling and having fun..#Omojaiyejaiye!

One wants to let Tania know she's the real MVP and that right under her nose she is doing her man.

She sent a mail to lifestyle website BellaNaija.. see that below..

I’ve been seeing wizkid for a long time. He always invites me to Lagos. We had an adventurous night at eko hotel. Very intimate, we had drinks, cuddled, got down and dirty, and he spoiled me with holiday treats and gifts.  I choose to stay anonymous so I am using a friends email addy to send dis in. You can see his starboy tattoo, his Rolex, his Porsche, and laptop. Please write dis on d post. ‘In my bed’ my baby Ayodeji. Me and Wizkid have been together for many months. I always have a lovely time wiv him in Lagos. @TaniaOmotayo, if he does this while u are in Lagos, imagine what we do when he comes to my city. He will nvr stop wanting my body in his bed. Lol. She should not disturb my life when I’m wiv my boo. Proof so she will not continue to deceive herself. We love ourselves. He picked me up in his Porsche, we stayed at eko, watched movies on his laptop. He loves to taste me so Tania, how do I taste on his lips?’ Wauuuuuuuuuu!!

Tattoo Photo which she says is Wizkid..

More when you continue..

Yemi Alade shows off pins in thigh high split dress

If you've got it? Flaunt it! The Singer showed off her legs in this thigh high split Number ..


Some Aso Ebi Goodness from Toke Makinwa..

Nigerian Designers/Tailors( I am not sure which is responsible for her outfit) are simply creative! Lovely..

One more photo when you continue..

Laura Ikeji shows Toned Body and Flawless skin in new photos..

Tights? or somebody don become Oyinbo!

You would agree with me that Laura has kinda carved out her own celebrity status for herself and you might also want to agree that her skin whether "Denciad"  Or for real is spotless! And of course we know she's been working out with her waist trainers ,the results  she is showing off in crop tops.

More when you continue

Nollywood Actor Bobby Obodo tweets on Producers making actors/crew work like prisoners -"I feel sorry for actors who dont have livelihood outside their acting gigs"

The Actor seemed concerned and pained about the working conditions in Nollywood and how his colleagues are being treated, he says he doesnt take it though..

quite revealing what goes on in the Industry..

More tweets when you continue.. 

Elton John set to wed husband David Furnish today..

The "Dont let the sun go down on me" crooner is set to properly wed his partner of 9 years today..

The pair entered a civil partnership on December 21, 2005 and now on their nine-year anniversary they plan to officially wed. 

The Couple already have two sons together who were birthed trough a Surrogate..

Kylie Jenner and Tyga seem to be drunk in Love;But its a Taboo!

Errrrm I say its a Taboo BECAUSE! Kylie is 17 and and dude is 25! so technically if they make their relationship public,Tyga would be accused of being with a minor..

So they sticking to We are friends when its obviously more cos they have been stepping out a lot together..and they leave us saying "Kylie and rumoured boyfriend tyga" twishhh!

Ohh By the way wasnt Tyga's baby Mama Blac Chyna Kim's BFF?? ohhh..spicy! so lets just say Blac would be like 

Blac:Kim so you allowed your kid sis snatch my man

Kim: errrrr No they just....

Blac: Cmon call her to order to leave my man!

Kim: I cant do that you know.....

Kris walks in..

Kris: Ohhh please Blac your time is past let Kylie enjoy her man okay?!


Saturday, 20 December 2014

First photos from Chika Ike's Miss teacher Movie premiere

The Premiere held this evening in Enugu ..check out a few photos below..

Embedded image permalink

Look who's been soaking up the lovely Nigerian weather in her Bikini;Dillish shares Vacation photos from Lagos

The BBA winner just shared vacation shots from Lagos..she must be enjoying the lovely sunny weather as she stripped to her bikini for some poolside fun.. And is that a Rolex I see?? hmm #dunno

More photos when you continue..

Annie Idibia stuns in yellow as she receives Leadership Award on behalf of husband Tuface..

"About last night. .. At the Leadership Awards of Excellent/World Changers.. Receiveing The award on behalf of a "world Changer" the best ** Mr Innocent Idibia "2BABA"  she shared..

She was equally looking gorgeous in this red jumpsuit..  I see Christmas is in the air!

Tunde Kelani,Ronke Ojo,Desmond Elliot and MC Oluomo rock out in Asoebi for Oshodi day..

Tunde Kelani with Mc Oluomo NURTW boss

I never  knew there was an Oshodi day..Film veteran Tunde Kelani just shared these photos..

Tunde Kelani,Ronke Ojo and MC Oluomo..

Tunde Kelani with Desmond Elliot..

The Bootyful Family;Kim and Khloe Kardashian show off their derrieres

Always ready for her close-up: The 34-year-old wore her raven hair straight and sported eyeliner and pink lipstick

Goodies: The sister act left the beauty centre carrying bags full of products
Love Kim's shoes..

Bling: Khloe wore gold matte pumps with spindly heels and large hoop earrings

What can I say?! It must run in the Family then! lol.. Khloe and Kim were photographed  while they arrived to film for their show keeping up with the Kardashians(KUWTK)

More photos when you continue..