Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Toke Makinwa's vlog of the week- "Once is enough"

Photospeak;Kanayo O Kanayo is that you??

Hmmmm Oga this belle that you are sharing...hmmmm...

other celebs in this photo include Daddy Showkey,Ini Edo and Sammie Okposo..

Who's the Lady in red?? Kim Kardashian?? No! Its only Toolz!

Its actually a BeatFm uniform that the media personality is wearing.. That is one hell of a sexy Uniform..

After a successful October 1 Movie premiere Kunle Afolayan celebrates birthday with night out and lots of cakes!

Kunle stays slaying with all his movies,,he Kinda set a standard from his very first movie and I think his headache will be trying to ensure he tops the previous movie.

According to reports from people who have seen the movie,October 1 a story chronicling Nigeria's Independence has been able to surpass his previous feat..

I remember Kunle from his days as Aresejabata in Tunde Kelani's Saworoide,coming from a Family of thespians himself(the adelove limeage) I can well say he has done so well for himself..

He celebrated his birthday yesterday and from us we wish him many many  many many more success filled years and we cannot wait to see October 1!

Photo;Ashanti and Jarule touch down in Nigeria ahead of Bovi's Man on Fire event

The whole crew seem so excited to be here! seems a great show is in the offing only that I dont know if these guys are still relevant musicwise.. always on time was  like how many years ago??

Happy Independence Anniversary Nigeria!

Happy Independence day Nigeria! I know alot isnt working yes and corruption is rife yes,no electricity,no water,no road,Boko Haram and all but lets just forget that and celebrate the minute we fought Ebola,Ohhhh Okagbare won Gold in Glasgow,ohh the designer of that Nigerian flag eventually got recognised by the President even if there isnt anything to celebrate lets celebrate that and the little things and ohhh look Google is even celebrating with us.. lol..

Nigeria Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence day Anniversary and a happy new month to you all GOD bless Nigeria!  GOD bless humanity,GOD bless the world! GOD bless us all!

US records first case of Ebola

CNN reports that a patient being treated at a Dallas hospital is the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  has announced 

The man, whose identity was not released, left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20.

At as that time, the individual did not have symptoms. "But four or five days later," he began to exhibit them, Frieden said. The individual was hospitalized and isolated Sunday at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
Citing privacy concerns, health officials declined to release any details about how the patient contracted the virus, what he was doing in Liberia or how he was being treated.

"I can say he is ill. He is under intensive care," Edward Goodman of the hospital told reporters.
The patient is believed to have had a handful of contacts with people after showing symptoms of the virus, and before being hospitalized, Frieden said. A CDC team is en route to Texas to investigate those contacts.
At the same time, Frieden sought to play down the risk to public health. There currently are no other suspected cases of Ebola in Texas.

"It's a severe disease, which has a high-case fatality rate, even with the best of care, but there are core, tried and true public health interventions that stop it," Frieden said.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Rita Dominic steps out for Ambassadorial duties as Keystone bank launches first wheelchair accessible ATM

The Actress who is an ambassador for the bank's Pink account was on ground while they launched their new branch with its wheelchair accessible ATM in Lagos

"With Mrs Yvonne Isichei, Executive Director and Operations and Mrs Teju Phillips, Director Keystone Bank earlier today at the opening of it's new branch with the first accessible Wheelchair ATM in the country.. #keystonebank #marylandbranch #pinkaccount #ambassador.." The actress shared

I think this is a very good development in more advanced countries people with special needs are cared for from the buses,the type of lifts in their houses and all so..Kudos to Keystone!

Nigerian Entertainment Industry Look at all the Talent you are loosing to politics!

Hmmmmm.. who else is left to declare?? Oya do sharply make we include you for the list!

Banky W and CMB's Ajoke Ogunlaja cover complete Fashion Latest Edition

Displaying Complete Fashion_Issue38_5_2014.jpg

Displaying Complete Fashion_Issue38_1_2014.jpg

In compiling this issue, we asked the questions like what is the perfect INVESTMENT piece?  Is there anything like fashion investment?  How long are you willing to save just to buy that covetable accessory?  Would you rather buy a designer bag or expensive car than invest in a house?  Is it better to build a house in Nigeria or buy a house? If given the opportunity, what kind of house would you buy? Is real estate something to invest in if you can afford the repayments? Whatever the case may be, living is about aspirations.  As we get older, there are things we want and work towards having and there are things we would probably never get in our lifetime just simply because the opportunity to do so never arises.  There are also some things we would acquire that for generations to come would remain a great investment, because of its appreciating value.

Our cover girl, the beautiful Ajoke Ogunlaja is a wife, a mother of two, as well as a career driven woman with great determination to make a change in Nigeria’s real estate industry.  Ajoke, is part of a company that builds STYLISH and AFFORDABLE homes for a living - CMB Nigeria.  Yes! A woman can have it all, marriage, children and a great career all under 40.  

Speaking of beauty, we have included Beauty Box(BB) kicking off with Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim, in a swimsuit. 
 Packed in Beauty Box are tutorials, news, health, an interview with Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere, on how she achieves her gorgeous red carpet looks and more.

  The men are not left out in this exciting issue.  Men, taking care of your body isn’t just a metro-sexual thing,  INVEST in having a great skin from today, you would always look good for it, plus your women would thank you for it.  

There are many music artists in the Nigerian entertainment industry today, but there aren’t a lot with great staying power.  With that in mind, we didn’t look too far before we found the ideal fit.  We implored the crown prince of African R&B, the lovable, handsome and total gentleman Olubankole Wellington aka Banky W(who is CF’s first cover star to appear twice – first appearance was with media personality Adora Oleh in October 2010) in our ‘Bankable Investment’, who after over 10years in the business, is still churning out hits and getting better like fine wine.  Pick up Banky’s old albums or look for songs like ‘My Regret’ or the newly released ‘Jaiye Ori Mi’, and you’ll agree with us he is the perfect combination with our cover girl.   

Juliet Ibrahim

Displaying Complete Fashion_Issue38_4_2014.jpg

Pick up your copies from a Vendor near you!

Photos;One of the Most Popular Bloggers in the world Perez Hilton shares adorable moments with Son

Yes Perez Hilton real names Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr has sure paid his dues in the blogging business..  He recently celebrated 10 years of blogging,he is presently averaging close to 6 Million followers on twitter and celebrities are his besties

But that isnt the news,news is Perez has an adorable son..ermmmm.. yea Perez is Gay and so had his son through a surrogate..

They are so cute together,they are everywhere together,even his Instagram as a celebrity blogger still has enough space and images of fun times with his Son.

 He even speaks his Native Cuban language with him which is so endearing..but! I am just wondering if the son would grow up and one day ask him for Mummy??

more when you continue

Mama's Back! Lil Kim steps out,flaunts post baby bod in tight leggings..

Lim Kim stepped out for a recent gig showing off he post baby frame..I guess she's just tryna say Mama's back on the scene! lol..

Lil Kim welcomed her first Child Royal Reign in June


Meet Tiwa Savage's new manager MekkaMillions

New Manager pictured with her @ her wedding in Dubai months back

Well this past few days one of Africa's biggest female acts Tiwa Savage had her marriage to her now former manager Tunji "Teebillz" Balogun in the news as the reports suggested their union had crashed due to domestic violence and money issues..

Well even if the other reports werent true the fact that she has sacked teebillz as her manager may well be true..

A new manager is said to be representing her, picking her calls and has been accompanying her to recent events.He has kinda been on Tiwas team all along but he is now taking the reins as her manager going forward..

Emeka AKA Mekka Millions also manages other acts amongst them Rapper Iceberg Slim..

Monday, 29 September 2014

Superwoman for real! Designer Toyin Lawani lists all her businesses..

Waohhhh Toyin is just so hardworking! I never even knew she owned Amaladotcom ...waohhh waohhh how she manages it all under one umbrella which she calls Tiannah's empire I still cant tell.. it must be aloooooot of work and with 2 kids I say Kudos to toyin! 

Ehen oya sharply drop me cheque for this advert ohhh Toyin lol..

Dear Women does this quote ever apply to you??

Embedded image permalink

That was reportedly made by a Philippines senator..I read it the first time and laughed and then I thought again..No! I love my handbags yes I could do without them some of the time but why would I deprive my hands  the beauty of lovely handbags because I may want to slap somebody??

Errr she was probably joking right?? I mean just look at these beauties..

But  wait! what if I really need to slap someone?? hehehehe...#jokes

Photos; Meet Mr and Mrs Clooney!..George Clooney and Wife Amal step out together for first public appearance after wedding

The Hollywood Alister got married to his Lawyer beau Amal Alamuddin  in a star studded ceremony on Saturday in the beautiful city of Venice..

The Couple showed up and waved to fans as they made their first public appearance as husband and wife.

They cruised in a lovely vintage boat which I am sure would totally cost a fortune..its just really exquisite!

And ohhh Amal's dress, its a Giambattista Valli 2014 dress.. the detailing is just it!totally love it!

We dont have photos from the Nupitals yet but we would make do with this till they are ready to share..yes we are patient like that isnt it so?? 

More photos when you continue

Ladies in Black! Uche Ogbodo and Uche Iwuji strike a pose..

 These two have alot in common,they both bear the same names, both have children,are both actresses and coincidentally are both wearing black in this photo.

The two actresses have been in the news recently sadly not because of their work or movie roles but their relationship woes..

Uche Iwuji split recently from her Husband due to infidelity claims and well Uche Ogbodo's split from her husband can just rightly be put as Complicated! as she came out to say after a month that she wasnt really married or that she was just engaged and that she only did the traditional wedding and this and that.. ermmm dont bother your head just too complicated if I say so..

Just simply admire the beautiful ladies in Black.. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Throwback of life! Madonna,Sting and Tupac hanging out many many years ago..

Just got this photo off (History in pictures) twitter and I can just imagine what their convo would have been about.. or lets just say I Imagine if these three were on a track..

 Sadly Tupac is dead now.. and this photo was reportedly taken in 1994 but amazingly Sting and Madonna have managed to stay relevant and even Tupac's music is still relevant.


Doris Simeon once again opens up- Daniel Left me and ran away with my Son

Daniel,Doris& David when the going was good..

I know alot of people have been saying Doris has been the one speaking and talking about this breakup and that she should move on. I would have kind agreed but there is a child involved! Her son! 

Daniel reportedly lied and took her son away from her..Thats wickedness! leave her all you want but do not deprive her of her son for 4 years fa! Naaaaaaa..... pls if talking is what will keep him on his toes and bring back her son then keep talking Doris..

Excerpts from a recent punch interview below..

"What have you been up to lately?

I have been busy with my duties as a DSTV ambassador, as well as an ambassador for the National Open University of Nigeria. Moreover, I have a beauty salon at Ogba, Lagos. My mother was into the business before she passed on. I wanted to establish a salon for her before she passed on. I have a passion for skill acquisition and aside getting a salary, I advise people to acquire a skill. Since my mum is gone, I do not want to kill the dreams and the shop was open for almost a year.

Do you still have time for your programme on DSTV?

Yes I do. The Faaji Extra can have many episodes recorded and can run for up to a season or two. Don’t forget that I am also an actress and I still carve out time to take on jobs. I would say it is a passion and since I decided to go into acting, I have not looked back.

Linda Ikeji and Family Take Dubai!

Linda and Family

Laura with Dad

I told you guys yesterday about Linda and her Family going on a vacation to Dubai Here well sister Laura has been sharing  some photos and she also hints that their mum dint come with them on the trip as she is in the US for a special mission which I deduced to be "Omugo tins" as their elder sis in the US is either pregnant or just delivered of a baby..

Still keep tabs for more photos especially when it gets to the shopping part am sure Laura would be kind enough to share!